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Camping across Italy is one of the most beautiful? and affordable? ways to see this ever popular travel destination. Italy - Camping and Caravaning Guide is the first English translation of an Italian bestseller that has been published every year since the 1950s. Divided by region with corresponding maps, this up-to-date and meticulously researched book uses short text and simple symbols to describe hundreds of campsites and dozens of resorts throughout Italy, with complete information ranging from location, times open, proximity to water, pet policies, access to restaurants and supermarkets, amenities, and more. Address, website, phone number, size, and other vital statistics are provided for each site. Osservando la addition, membership information details how readers can join the Touring Club to receive special rates at 400 select sites.

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    Luca Milani


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    Matteo Carletti

    Molto bene l'ho trovato! il prossimo fine settimana inizio a leggerlo :)

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    Come viene scaricato? Non riesco a trovarlo :S

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    Andrea Caccini

    Facile da scaricare, ma un po 'fastidioso da registrare ...

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    Antonella Parisi

    Mi è piaciuto molto questo libro, lo consiglio a tutti!

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    L'ho avuto fisicamente molto tempo fa e l'ho perso, volevo rileggerlo ma non volevo pagare di nuovo. Grazie!

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